About Hedrick's Custom Clothier

In 1988, Harry was introduced to the world of Custom Made Clothing. The idea of meeting with Corporate Executives, Professionals, and successful businessmen in the convenience of their offices, and homes it made perfect sense. Successful, achieving men place a great value on their time, and going out in the middle of the day, after work, or on the weekend to shop for their clothing isn't high on their task list. And let's face it, how many men REALLY like to shop? NOT MANY!

Harry started Hedrick's Custom Clothiers with the idea of serving the wardrobe needs of successful, time-pressed men in mind. In the past twenty-five years Harry has served his clientele by providing them with style advice, and outstanding custom made clothing. Clothes that not only fit them properly, but in the styles, colors and patterns that maximize their appearance. They are always well dressed for the occasion, be it business, business casual, formal events, and casual. They know that a Personal Presence has been created just for them.

It all begins with a private, personal consultation. Call Harry today at 858.952.4561 for an appointment. The beginning of a great wardrobe begins with a phone call.